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News I 7th Formula 1-Team uses OPTImess MC


TU-Fast Sponsoring Formula Student


We are pleased to support the racing team of the TU-Munich (www.tufast-racingteam.de) through our sponsorship.

At the Formula Student teams from the different universities compete with their home-built single-seaters at organized competitions. There it goes not only about the team with the fastest car, but also about the best overall package of construction, performance, financing and cost planning.

The role of the individual crews is to develop a prototype for a fictitious market by hobby racers. The regulations were held very open to give the students room for creativity.

The manufacturing cost of the real prototype must not be more than $ 25,000. Also needs to be detected by a production plan that four units of this car could be made per day at a price of $ 7,500.

The competitions take place annually. The rules are adapted so that a vehicle can be used worldwide in all competitions.

The over a hundred teams in each of the competitions and the broad support for the teams and the organization of the industry shows how successful the concept of the series is.

We wish the team every success for the next season.

We have won the BVG tender for RPM
7th Formula 1 Team uses OPTImess MC
OVHWizard in operation in Gotthard base tunnel


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