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News I Mobile Measurement Systems obtain DB-certification


Railmonitor „RML3000“ has received acceptance certification from the Deutsche Bahn Netz AG for the hightes speed class > 280km/h



The universal laser rail profile measurement device Railmonitor „RML3000“ has received acceptance certification from the Deutsche Bahn Netz AG for the highest speed class >280km/h.

Therewith rail grinders and similar grid operators are now able to document their work with this device for the DB. Two rail head areas were compared during the inspection. In the section „Z-14 – Y20“ from the track gauge measuring point at the end of the running area to the exterior of the rail (picture 2 red), the total measurement inaccuracy was 0.05mm, where a maximum rail profile tolerance of 0.4 mm is allowed to be measured according to DB, enabling the running of train speeds of >280km/h.

Regarding the whole rail profile (picture 2 blue) a total measurement inaccuracy of 0.12mm was measured, where a whole rail profile can be measured with a tolerance of within 0.79mm. This detail confirmed the qualification of the measuring device for the certification valid for DB sub-area. Possible influences from the measuring device like calibration instability, systematic differences and repeat standard deviations shows no difference to the accuracy. The Deutsche Bahn furthermore notes that the accuracy during the following process influences will be repeatable within the accepted limits: operator influence, rail surface, lighting conditions (day operating, night operating, sun light), influence of temperature of -20° up to 50°C, state of charge battery (results of full or nearly empty battery are identical) and period of application (if the device just is (cold) or if it is in operation for a longer period (warm) does not influence the results.

Railmonitor provides rail grinders and grid operators with an ergonomic, non-contact laser measuring device for rail profiles, which even on the hardest and roughest operations, delivers high accuracy results.

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